Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hot girl personality Ngoc Thao with Yamaha

In a new white car ga launch of Yamaha, hot girl-winning "HHT Icon" and "star" fashion health funding agreement helm and show their individuality. Along with Yamaha Luvias, Cuxi is one of two new stations are Yamaha models introduced in the Vietnam market. If Luvias targeting to the men, Yamaha Cuxi designed for girls and stylish personality. Cuxi be equipped with a 100cc, 4 stroke, electronic fuel injection FI fuel economy with 50 km / h, air cooled, compact body, elegant, easy to operate. Together, the new line of scooters for women's chamber Yamaha has extensive personal items, including 3G locks protect the neck lock, rear wheel lock, caps lock ... Yamaha Cuxi including black, brown, white, gold is being sold in Vietnam for $ 31.9 million contract.


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